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Corporate Forms
Appointment of Corporate Representative
No Company Secretary Declaration by a Sole Director
Deceased Estates
Confirmation of Deceased Holder’s Identity
Deceased Estate Requirements – Australian Residents on Australian Registers
Deceased Estate Requirements – Individual Holders on OS Registers
Deceased Estate Requirements – OS Residents on Australian Registers
Intestacy Request & Indemnity
Request to Register Surviving Security Holder(s)
Small Estates Indemnity
Transmission Application
Probate Noting – Section 1071B (Registered in another state within Australia)
Holder Amendments
Direct Credit Instruction
Minor(s) Register Correction and Indemnity
Request to Consolidate Holdings
Standard Transfer
Change of Name Request
Investor Centre Replacement Certificates Replacement SRN
SRN Replacement Request – Companies
SRN Replacement Request – Individual & Joint Holding
Tax File Number
TFN, ABN or Exemptions Notification